This site is for investors seeking profitable investing strategies coupled with a prudent market timing approach entirely designed to beat average investing results.

Here are the advantages of this site….

Know in seconds if you should be buying or just sitting…

The market timing indicator is updated daily and shown on every page.  The indicator recommends profitable investing activities based on the current market environment.

Market Timing Indicator

Market Timing Indicator


Quickly identify the strongest sectors for your investments…

Market Timing

Best profits result from investing at the right time in the strongest sectors.  Review the market timing assessment and identify the strongest sectors in a flash.

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Select investments from a weekly updated list of superior companies…

Best StocksCreate better than average returns by owning stock of superior companies.  Sort the weekly stock watchlist of the 100 best stocks for companies in the strongest sector.

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Track the model portfolio to see which stocks are bought and sold…

Want to follow along to see how profitable investing really works?  The model portfolio is updated weekly with holdings, buy dates, profitability, and much more.

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View videos about profitable investing, market timing strategies, and more…

Profitable Investing & Market Timing VideosSometimes watching a video can be more useful than reading an explanation.  View them all here.

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Learn to beat buy-and-hold using profitable investing and market timing strategies…

Profitable Investing & Market Timing StrategiesAll the profitable investing and market timing strategies are documented here.  These strategies create the foundation for everything else on this site.

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Alerts for new portfolio purchases and holdings below the portfolio sell price

Profitable Investing AlertsThis page provides alerts for new purchases, portfolio holdings that have moved below the model portfolio sell price, and special edition market timing alerts.

This is where you will find portfolio updates before the week end portfolio summary is issued.

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And that’s not all…

There is a lot more helpful investing and market timing information on this site.

Feel free to poke around and explore.  Please send comments for things you like, don’t like, would like to see more of etc.

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