Profitable Investing & Market Timing Weekly Update for 12/9/2017

Stock Market Timing Week in Review

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Good news this week on the tax update, a technology rebound of sorts, and an excellent jobs report on Friday helped traders go home happy on Friday.

We still have the government shutdown to contend with.  Congress managed to arrange an interim spending bill that avoided the shutdown this past week.  However, they still need to agree on a broader budget arrangement by the end of the year.

The stock market demand/supply balance still shows decreasing demand which keeps a muted tone on the market timing update this week.

Stock Market & Sector Strength Summary - Profitable Investing

Stock Market & Sector Strength Summary – Profitable Investing

Although demand for stocks has fallen off, prices have managed to stay near highs – at least for the leading sectors, Financial, Consumer Staples & Discretionary, and Industrials.



Stock Market Timing

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Profitable Investing Stock Market Weekly Update for 12/1/2017

Stock Market Overview

Signs of investor concern started showing in stock market trading this week.

The Dow Industrial average jumped by approximately 700 points or almost 3% this week.

Profitable Investing VTI

Profitable Investing VTI

As the Dow accomplished its levitating act the NASDAQ did its version of a swan-dive from the 15 meter board by shedding about 41 points or about 0.60%.

This type of stock market divergence typically is not a good sign.

Investor action is largely driven by the perceived effect of President Trump’s tax plan.

Actually passing the tax plan is completely separate issue!

Throw into the mix the possibility of a government shutdown in early December and you have a great recipe for nervousness.

However, the ongoing economic and company earnings news remains positive.

But that Shooting Star and Hanging Man candlestick shown in the broad stock market image should not be ignored!

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Stock Market Weekly Update for 11/24/2017

Profitable Investing Stock Market Update for the week ending 11/24/2017

Market & Sector Strength Analysis

Market & Sector Strength Analysis for 11242017

Market and Sector Strength Analysis –

The broad market rebounded from the weakness of last week.  Even the day before Thanksgiving and the day after were strong days.  Unusual for days before long holidays.

The market strength image shows the weakening from last week and the solid return to strength of the last several days.

The Total Market Index (VTI) and the S&P500 are currently showing demand higher than supply causing prices to increase through the week.

Click this link to view the daily updated Market and Sector Strength table.

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Stock Market Weekly Update for 11/17/2017

Profitable Investing Stock Market Update for the week ending 11/17/2017

Stock Market Sector Strength Analysis

Stock Market Sector Strength Summary Chart for 11/17/017

Stock Market Sector Strength Summary Chart for 11/17/017

As stock market trading continued after GE’s bombshell announcement – Honey, I shrunk the company!  – broader sector strength weakness continued to develop.

The VTI or Total Market Index still shows strong on the sector summary chart. However, a quick glance at the sector strength detail page shows that the broad market is perilously close to a yellow status.

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Stock Market Weekly Update for 11/10/2017

 Profitable Investing Market Guide Update

The Profitable Investing Market Guide indicator ended the week in the mildly bullish position.

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Profitable Investing Market Guide

Mildly Bullish is an indication that stock ownership is warranted but caution should be the watchword for taking on new stock positions.

Weekly updates of stop-loss and profit keeper prices is suggested on current positions.

View the current portfolio holdings and suggested stop prices on the stock portfolio page.

Stock Market Sector Analysis

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Market Update for Week Ending 11/3/2017

Profitable Investing Update for the week ending on 11/3/2017

Stock Market Review

The stock market continued to digest the gains of recent weeks.

The activity this week included two serious down days with evidence of profit taking by shorter term investors.  Our portfolio was stopped out of 5 positions this week, but gains were protected in each of those transactions.  See below for details.

Profitable Investing Market Guide

Profitable Investing Market Guide

An end of week rally of sorts occurred on Friday.

Overall the posture remains Bullish but with a fair amount of caution being the watchword for next week.

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Market Update for Week Ending 10/27/2017

3 Strategies For Investing Success In The Current Stock Market Environment

The Stock Market Continues To Rebound From Sell-Offs In True Bull Market Fashion

As usual, many doomsayers and prognosticators are predicting a stock market crash and the end of the world just around the corner.  Should you change your investment strategy based on what they say?

Probably not….

Strategy 1 – Purchase And Own Growing Companies

Stock prices are mostly driven by company earnings and company earnings have been rising.  Projections are that they will continue to rise until…. well, until they don’t.

Earnings drive stock market prices

Stock Market Earnings

When will that be?

No-on knows but there is no shortage of people who say they know.

The facts are that hundreds of companies reported earnings this week. The data shows that 55% of S&P500 earnings have been reported so far and 76% of those companies have reported positive earnings surprises.  Further, 67% of those companies have beaten their own sales estimates.

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