Greetings, and welcome to my website,

You might be wondering if I really think the world needs another investing website.

Aren’t there enough?

Well maybe there are, but I couldn’t find one that answered my questions…

For example…

I wanted to know each day if it was a good time to buy stocks, or not…

If it was a good time to buy stocks, which ones out of almost 8000 should I buy?

AND, I didn’t want to spend family time (or fishing time) each day figuring it out.

Because I’m fairly good with numbers and numbers analysis (from my Electrical Engineering background) and years spend analyzing business for sale (from my years in Business Mergers & Acquisition) I put my own analysis tools together.

Then I figured out how to automate them so I could answer my own questions quickly.

So this is where my friend Charlie comes in…

I was showing him how my system worked one evening, and he said, “Dang, can you send me that each day so I can use it too?”.

I did for a while, and spent some time showing him how it worked.

Then I thought to myself, if I just put this on the internet he can take a look at it himself and I don’t have to bother to send it to him each day.

So that’s where this site came from.

Once I had the site running I thought other people might benefit from it also….

So now you know why this site exists.

Basically it runs on colors….. even my kids can follow it…!

Wherever you see….

  • Green – In general in means that the demand for stocks is high and higher stock prices are “most likely”.  It’s probably a good time to buy stocks
  • Yellow – In general it means that the demand for stocks balances the supply.  Prices are likely to stagnate until the color moves to Red or Green.  Yellow usually doesn’t stick around for long
  • Red – In general it means that the demand for stocks is low and lower stock prices are “most likely”.  It’s probably a bad time to take on new positions in stocks.

Of course, in retrospect you can always find stocks that buck the trend (color).  When you figure out how to know which ones those are ahead of time please clue me in!

However, Red does NOT mean that you should sell all your stocks!  It means…

  1. tighten up on profit-keeper and stop-loss orders, and
  2. consider postponing new positions for a while

When I buy stocks I always buy superior money making companies as shown in the stock watchlist.

The stock watchlist is updated weekly, even when I’m not buying stocks.  So I always have a fresh list of the best stocks to buy.

So even if the broad market suffers some setbacks, many of these leading stocks will maintain an upward trend.  And because I’m a long term investor I want to hang on to those.

If you want to see what I own you can view my personal stock portfolio.  This represents my personal holdings, it’s not just a list I conjure up every week.

But, if the market moves from Green/Yellow into a melt-down Red, I have stops in place and I won’t suffer a 40% to 50% drop similar to what the market did in 2007 and 2008.

I hope you too can get some benefit from this site.

If you have comments or questions please contact me.

I’m always eager to discuss investing strategies – especially profitable investing strategies that work.