Market Update for Week Ending 10/27/2017

3 Strategies For Investing Success In The Current Stock Market Environment

The Stock Market Continues To Rebound From Sell-Offs In True Bull Market Fashion

As usual, many doomsayers and prognosticators are predicting a stock market crash and the end of the world just around the corner.  Should you change your investment strategy based on what they say?

Probably not….

Strategy 1 – Purchase And Own Growing Companies

Stock prices are mostly driven by company earnings and company earnings have been rising.  Projections are that they will continue to rise until…. well, until they don’t.

Earnings drive stock market prices

Stock Market Earnings

When will that be?

No-on knows but there is no shortage of people who say they know.

The facts are that hundreds of companies reported earnings this week. The data shows that 55% of S&P500 earnings have been reported so far and 76% of those companies have reported positive earnings surprises.  Further, 67% of those companies have beaten their own sales estimates.

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