Profitable Investing in the stock market requires a strategy that enables you to sell stocks at a higher price than you paid for them.

Just how you accomplish profitable investing is up to you. is geared towards longer-term investing, however, strategies found on this site are not buy-and-hold.  Most buy-and-hold strategies are just really buy-and-ignore.  That is a recipe for failure during bear markets. provides a suite of items that will likely improve your investing success beyond anything you thought possible.

Profitable Investing Market Guide

The graphic at the top of each page reflects the overall stock market environment.  It shows in a glance the type of activity suggested for the current market.

Profitable Investing Market Guide

Profitable Investing Market Guide

This indicator adjusts at the end of each market session.  You can tell in a glance the types of investing activities are working best at the current time.

It reflects the only relationship that has been proven to change prices of anything since the dawn of humanity – supply vs demand!

Read more details here about the Profitable Investing Market Guide.

Stock Watchlists made up of growing & high quality stocks

Profitable investments start with quality stocks.

At the end of each week as part of our own investment strategy we screen all the stocks available for investments for a number of key fundamental and technical characteristics.  These are lists of stocks that pass key criteria such as growth, profitability, investor demand, and more….

stock certificates

stock certificates

Then during the following week, if the market environment supports purchasing new stocks (Market Guide needle in the 3pm position) we screen the watchlist stocks daily for potential investments.

We search for stocks moving up from bases and potentially into new highs.

New highs scare many investors.  However, the reality is that quality stocks making new highs continue to make new highs.  And it’s fairly easy to capture profits using “Profit Keeper” stops (referred to as stop-loss orders by brokerages).

Profitable Investing Current Portfolio

When we buy a stock we update the portfolio.

When a stock is sold on an automatic order we remove it from the portfolio.

Our portfolio is updated weekly and you can view it here.

At least once a week the Profit Keeper/Stop Loss orders are reviewed and adjusted if necessary.  If the stock market environment is moving more towards a bearish posture then the Profit Keeper order lever might be reviewed more frequently.

However, Profit Keeper/Stop Loss orders are NEVER moved down.  They are there for a reason and that is to maximize our stock market investing profits.

With this strategy positions are automatically sold BEFORE the stock market moves down.

We sleep better at night.

We always know what our portfolio risk is.

And it takes less time

That is the way to manage a profitable investing portfolio.

You can view all the current positions and current Profit Keeper/Stop Loss orders here at Profitable Investing Current Portfolio.